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Candidates issue statement on Mogadishu protesters shooting

Mogadishu (SD) – Union of Opposition Candidates issued a scathing statement regarding Government forces opening fire on demonstrations in Mogadishu today.

“The Union of Candidates strongly condemns the indiscriminate firing by the Federal Government forces on the Somali people who were peacefully protesting in Mogadishu,” the statement said.

“The Union blames the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, for using the Gorgor and the Haramcad armies trained by Turkey to suppress the protests,” it said.

The statement added that four people were wounded in the clashes, while two others were arrested, adding that the security forces and the Banadir regional police were pursuing the protesters.

“The Candidates warned the army to take orders to shoot civilians, who are their brothers and their parents, and to remember that President Farmajo has only 54 days left in his term.” Said the statement.

Opposition candidates have also called on the public to continue protesting against Farmajo’s government, promising to take part in the upcoming protests.

The statement from the opposition claimed that President Farmajo was opposed to free and fair elections in the country, and holding peaceful demonstrations, which they said violated the country’s constitution and international human rights standards.

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