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Kenya responds to Somalia cutting diplomatic ties

Nairobi (SD) – The Kenyan government has said it will form a team to find a diplomatic solution between Kenya and Somalia, according to government spokesman Cyrus Oguna.

Cyrus Oguna added that Kenya will not retaliate against the Somali government for cutting diplomatic ties with Kenya.

“We are a higher nation, we cannot do the same thing Somalia has done. If we do so it will look like revenge hence, we will let the IGAD and COMESA take control of it,” Oguna told the Star.

Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it has not yet received any official contact with Somalia over the severance of diplomatic ties.

The foreign ministry added it would make a decision when it is formally notified.

Somali Minister of Information Osman Dubbe announced the Somali government cut ties with Kenya on National TV, orders Kenyan diplomats to leave Mogadishu within seven days, while Somali diplomats in Kenya were ordered to return.

Somalia accused the Kenyan government of blatantly interfering in the country’s sovereignty.

Somalia’s move to cut diplomatic ties with Kenya coincides with Somaliland President’s official visit to Kenya.

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