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Chairman Cirro calls out government repression and interference in the media

Hargeisa (SD) – Wadani Opposition Party Chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi (Cirro) opposed and warned against an Interference and Repression Committee against Journalists and Media Organizations in Somaliland Appointed by the Somaliland Ministry of Information.

The Chairman today held a press conference at his residence in Hargeisa and spoke about the voter registration starting tomorrow in some districts, encouraging residents of those districts to participate.

“The media, in general, is the fourth pillar of government, and it is the source of information to the public. In this role, we have girls and boys who have dedicated themselves to informing the public about development, governance, and everything else. Therefore, the government, political parties and the public are required to encourage and respect the difficult work they do with little or no income.” said the chairman.

Chairman Irro continued “I am warning the government against collecting taxes that the Somaliland House of Representatives didn’t approve, the government is needed to Develop an appropriate training and the creation of climate of cooperation between the media and the government.”

Somaliland Ministry of Information recently announced a new taxes on independent reporters who utilize social media apps, a move seen as a financial restriction by Journalist.

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