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Somali Military court executes Al Shabab operatives

Mogadishu (SD) – The Somali Armed Forces court this morning executed Mohamed Haji Ahmed (Maalim Ilkase) and two other al-Shabaab members in Mogadishu.

Ilkase is believed to be the most notorious undercover killer Mogadishu has ever seen, killing scores of civilians and government officials in a series of assassinations in the city.

A special program aired on the National Television had Mohamed Haji Ahmed (Ilkase) confessing to murders he committed and others he organized.

Mohamed Haji Ahmed (Maalim Ilkase), and two other al-Shabaab collaborators, Ahmed Mohamed Hashim and Salim Said Mohamed, were all convicted of various murders in late last year in Mogadishu, were shot dead in front of General Kahiye Training School today.

General Abdullahi Bulle Kamey, the Attorney General of the Armed Forces, who spoke to the media after the execution, said that the assailants killed many people, including the late Omar Mohamed Abikar 10-08-2016, Brigadier General Ismail Ahmed Ismail (Makayaalo) 28-10-2016, and the late Abdulkadir Dahir Diriye 16-01-2018.

Ilkase was reportedly a university lecturer who worked closely with al-Shabaab and was the head of a cell that killed scores of people in Mogadishu.

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