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Chairman of the Federal Electoral Commission commends Jubaland Upper House elections

Kismayo (SD) – Chairman of the Federal Electoral Commission, Mohamed Hassan Irro talked about yesterday’s elections in the city of Kismayo in Jubbaland state.

Speaking to the media, Chairman Mohamed Irro praised the election process, describing it as “a wonderful election that took place in such a short time”.

“There was a lot of effort, the chairman and the members of parliament who were holding the election were very organized, and the competition was good. It was amazing, at least in such short time, that much work was done technically, the security and the management was invaluable,” said Irro.

He also said the election in Kismayo was the beginning of the Upper House elections in the country, and instructed other regional governments to hold elections as soon as possible.

“The election has taken place and it is concluded. It is incumbent on the rest of the states to begin the selection of members of the Upper House immediately, and it is our duty.” said Irro.

Chairman Irro expressed optimism that the Upper House elections will soon begin in other cities, dispelling concerns about a significant delay in the election of rest of the Upper House seats.

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