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China appoints new envoy to Horn of Africa

BEIJING (SD) – China has recently appointed Ambassador Xue Bing to be their envoy to Horn of Africa, as part of their robust Africa engagement.

The envoy will focus on the conflict ridden countries of the Horn of Africa, including Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.

Xue has already served as the Chinese ambassador to Papua New Guinea, and has experience in working in Africa, according to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, while visiting East Africa in January, announced that they plan to appoint an envoy to the Horn of Africa.

“His job will be to work in the development of the Chinese peace plan in the region that aims to assist countries to secure peace and prosperity in the region.” said in the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Wang Yi.

China is reportedly furious and condemned the a year-long political relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan and the envoy could pressure Somaliland to reconsider its ties with Taiwan.

Western government recently expressed concern over China’s expansion and influence in Horn of Africa

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