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Nugal Police nap suspects in a security sweep

GAROWE (SD) – Nugal Regional Police Force of Puntland Administration have on the third night carried out security operations in Garowe, the headquarters of Puntland.

The operation by the police netted men suspected to be members of anti Puntland forces.

The operation, led by the Commander of Nugal Police Hussein Hussein Ali Mohamud aims to search for anti-insecurity groups and known drug and alcohol traffickers.

The police forces could be seen conducting searches in some hotels, housing and vehicles in Garowe town of Nugal region, to ensure security of the capital.

The head of the regional police officer Ali Mohamud instructed the police to work with the community, and told them to carry out their duties while maintaining calm.

Puntland cities are increasingly affected by the disruption of peace by anti government groups and drug and alcohol traffickers.

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