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China blames Taiwan for bribing Somaliland politicians and their families

Beijing (SD) – China’s national English language newspaper, the Global Times reported that politicians and their families in Somaliland are taking bribes from Taiwanese Government.

The report quoted experts as saying the bribery have been going on for a long time in an exchange for “Taiwan secessionism”.

According to the source, huge bribes were conveyed via so-called representative offices on each side. And Taiwan island is tunneling profits to certain Somaliland personnel via cooperative projects such as the digitalization plan of the Somaliland government and a Somaliland innovation park project, the source told the GT.

The Chinese government opposed Taiwan’s representative office in Somaliland in August 2020.

“The DPP’s frantic search for support for its separatist activities in the international arena will never succeed,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a August 18, 2020 presser.

The governments of Somaliland and Taiwan, which do not have international recognition, have repeatedly told the world they are cooperating politically and economically.


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