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China responds to Somaliland delegation’s visit to Taiwan

BEIJING (SD) – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian reacted angrily to a visit by a Somaliland delegation to Taiwan for a second day, where they are expected to sign new agreements.

Zhao Lijian says the world recognizes only one country, China, Taiwan is an integral part of China.

Chinese FM spokesperson Zhao Lijian accused DPP authorities of “fanning the flames and undermining the independence and integrity of other countries. This benefits nobody and will only end up hurting itself,” Zhao said.

Taiwan, backed by the United States, and Somaliland are expected to discuss ways to build a strong navy in Somaliland.

Taiwan has previously assisted Somaliland in the areas of health, education, agriculture, fisheries and more recently with oil exploration.

China has sent delegations to Somaliland several times in the past to persuade them to withdraw from Taiwan, but Somaliland has refused.

Both Taiwan and Somaliland are self-governing democracies that are not recognized by the world, and are working to increase their presence on the world stage as China and Somalia oppose their diplomatic efforts.

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