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Chinese Ambassador Slams Somaliland over Taiwan

Mogadishu April 13, 2023 (SD) – The Chinese Ambassador to Somalia, Mr. Fei Shengchao, ridiculed Somaliland after the breakaway region issued a statement condemning China for its actions against Taiwan.

Somaliland in a tweet criticized China for its territorial claims and actions towards Taiwan.

In a statement posted on the Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs Twitter account, stated that China’s actions towards Taiwan were causing problems and that Somaliland supported Taiwan.

The Chinese Ambassador to Somalia suggested that border areas should not be used to create boundaries, stating that “people should not erect barriers between their homes,” in a tweet.

The exchange between Somaliland and the Chinese ambassador comes amid heightened tensions between China and Taiwan, with China asserting claims over Taiwan and repeatedly threatening to take military action.

Somaliland, which maintains a relationship with Taiwan, is believed to be siding with them. However, neither Somaliland nor Taiwan is recognized as sovereign states by the international community.

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