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Ethiopia: Somali Regional Government to Disband Liyu Police

Jigjiga April 11, 2023 (SD) – The Council of Ministers of the Somali Regional Government of Ethiopia held a meeting in which they approved the Ethiopian federal government’s decision to disband paramilitary police forces of the regions of Ethiopia.

A statement posted on the Twitter account of the President of the Somali Regional Government, Mustafa Omer, also said that the council had discussed the matter extensively and unanimously agreed to disband the Somali Regional Liyu Police Forces.

It is reported that the Somali Regional Government has become the first regional government to approve the federal government’s decision to disband the paramilitary police force known as Liyu to the regions of Ethiopia.

The people of the Somali Regional Government are concerned that the decision to disband the Liyu forces may lead to insecurity in the region, as it is believed that the Liyu Police Forces are the only force that can maintain the security of the fragile Somali Regional Government.

It is worth noting that the Somali Regional Government’s media, such as the SRTV Somali Regional TV station, did not report on the decision.

Many are wondering what could happen if the decision to disband the Liyu Police Forces is implemented, as many people have lost faith in the Ethiopian federal military, who they believe will replace the Liyu Police to build security in the region.

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