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Civil society criticizes Somalia’s electoral process

MUGADISHU (SD) – Chairman of Somali Civil Society Organizations Tahliil Shatah said the leaders of the National Consultative Council have not implemented electoral agreements reached at the seven-day conference in Mogadishu.

Shatah pointed out that the NCC had not implemented the election agreement properly and that some seats were still being monopolized, and that the electorate was being controlled.

Chairman Tahliil Shatah stated that they were optimistic that the NCC would take the election recommendations given to them by the Union of Candidates, the International Community and Civil Society Organizations, but they did not, and are now skeptical.

The Chairman of the Civil Society Organizations confirmed that they have registered various concerns in the ongoing Parliamentary elections, and will issue reports proving the irregularities.

Finally, he called on the leaders of the National Consultative Council to implement the agreement reached on the completion of a transparent and timely election.

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