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SNA forces nervous Bakara traders to open shops

MOGADISHU-(SD) – Somali police forces confirm that work at Bakara market has resumed to its normal activities following the deployment of police forces to tighten security at the market.

Police spokesman Abdifatah Aden Hassan said, two police stations have been set up in Bakara market to monitor activities in the area.

“We would like to inform anyone who owns a business in Bakara, and anyone who has any concerns about the Bakara market traders, to contact the nearest police station. It will not be acceptable for an order from other sources to close the businesses” said Abdifatah Hassan.

A police spokesman said anyone attempting to close their business with an order from ISIS would be prosecuted and identified as an ally with the enemy.

In addition, Police could be seen yesterday forcing traders to open their businesses in the lucrative construction sector of the market.

Traders in Bakara market have complained about taxes imposed by ISIS, and the merchants have closed off their businesses as a result of the forced taxes by ISIS.

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