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Cold Weather Kills Migrants at the Turkish-Greek Border

Several Somali migrants have been found among 19 dead migrants crossing the Turkish-Greek border, and extreme cold weather was the cause of their death.

The Somalis and other foreigners were trying to reach Greece, having originally left Turkey as migrants.

Turkey has accused Greece of forcibly repatriating the victims, resulting in their deaths, while Greece has denied the allegations.

The Turkish government said in a press statement that it had found the bodies near the Greek border and had taken them back to their families.

The bodies of two Somali youths were found hours later, and the bodies of two others are still missing.

Turkey says the bodies were found following a long search and rescue operation by Turkish and Greek border officials, who found 12 more bodies on Wednesday.

Somalis in Turkey have been warned about the Greek border, where Greece has tightened its borders and will not allow crossings to any side.

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