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Somaliland: Speaker of the House calls Insurance mandate Illegal

HARGEISA (SD) -Speaker of the Somaliland Parliament, Abdirizak Khalif Ahmed, said the government does not have the power to impose insurance on vehicles.

Khalif called the Somaliland government’s plan to force insurance on Somaliland’s cars as illegal and said the government could not regulate insurance.

“Parliament members have now shared with me that ministers have said that the act is in effect, and that insurance is compulsory and will be enforced, which is illegal. They are not the ones responsible in legislating it, and they cannot take any funds, because it is illegal,” said Khalif.

The insurance bill is currently before the Somaliland Parliament, which is still debating on it’s implementation.

In today’s session of the Somaliland House of Representatives, the members of the House of Representatives were given the Insurance Bill, which was drafted by the House of Representatives’ Finance Sub-Committee.

The chairman of the finance sub-committee of the council, Mr. Abdirashid Abdilahi Muse (Agaweyne) briefed the members on the law and its importance to the nation, urging the members to supplement the law with any national interest and to amend and supplement it as they see fit.

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