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Columbus police release footage related to Sheikh Mohamed Hassan’s murderer

COLUMBUS (SD) – Columbus police released footage linked to the assassination of Sheikh Mohamed Hassan Aden, imam of the Abu Hurayra mosque in the city and secretary of the North American Council of Imams in Ayanna.

Detectives, on Friday released a 15 second video, barely showing blurry driver of the cleric’s car on the day of his disappearance.

“We’re asking for the community’s help, if anybody recognizes him or can shed any light on what was going on at that time,” Columbus police Det. Earl Westfall said during a Friday press conference.

Police and relatives say anyone with information about the driver of the yellow car in the video released by the police should contact the police.

“We cannot heal until we bring the perpetrator to justice. We need answers quickly. Every day that passes is another day that my father’s murderer remains at large. Please, if you have any information, come forward and call.” Said Shukri Hassan, Sheikh Adam’s daughter.

The body of the missing Imam Sheikh Mohamed Hassan was later found in his car with several bullets in his body.

Ohio is home to the second largest Somali community after Minneapolis in the United States. Imam Sheikh Mohamed Hassan was a prominent figure in the Somali community in Columbus, OH.

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