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Somaliland celebrates UK parliamentary debate on recognition

HARGEISA (SD) – Residents of Hargeisa the capital of Somaliland has today participated in a large demonstration with officials of the government and opposition parties.

The purpose of the gathering was to support a recent debate in the UK Parliament on the recognition of Somaliland, tabled by UK MP Gavin Williamson.

The rally was attended by officials including the Vice President of Somaliland, the Hargeisa Mayor, cabinet ministers and numerous MP’s and discussed a number of key issues on how to continue its quest for recognition.

The UK Parliament last week debated the recognition of Somaliland, and the multi-party debate by more than 20 UK lawmakers on the issue of Somaliland and how the UK government should deal with Somaliland directly, lasted for more than an hour.

The people of Somaliland were overwhelmingly in favor of the debate presented by Gavin Williamson, a Member of Parliament who tabled a motion to debate Somaliland’s recognition.

Gavin, who presented the debate to members of parliament, criticized the UK’s response to the debate and the recognition of Somaliland.

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