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Dahir Riyaale to Muse Bihi: Whoever advised you, gave you the wrong advice

Borama (SD) – Former Somaliland President Dahir Rayale Kahin broke his long silence and spoke to Sahan TV about issues such as the equal allocation of seats in parliament and the situation in Awdal.

Former Somaliland President Dahir Rayale Kahin has slammed the current president for recently barring the Awdal Chief from entering Somaliland.

“I believe that the Ugaas(Chief) was coming to see his people and to have an army confront him and shoot at him, I see that as a mistake, and I say to the President in particular that it is your fault.” Said Dahir Rayale.

President Rayale went on to say “Whoever advised you, I say gave you a wrong advice.”

The former president of Somaliland Mr. Kahin also weight in on the controversial issue of proportional distribution of MPs to Somaliland regions.

“The 2005 elections of the House of Representatives did not take place in Sool and eastern Sanaag, so we made that election an interim election, since they couldn’t access the vote equally, so the result of that election was not balanced, Awdal region lost three members, Sool and Eastern Sanaag lost a large portion, most of the votes were concentrated in the middle regions”. Said president Rayale.

The former president talked about how things got side tracked in 2005 “The point I made to the Supreme Court at that time was to conduct a census of the people so that each region could get its share of MPs, and that did not happen.”

Former President Rayale detailed how a fair election could be held in the country today “In order to have equal MP’s, the East and West regions must get nine additional members each until census can be done”.

President Rayale is not known for talking about the country’s current political situation, it was very unusual for him to come out and critic the current administration.

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