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Daily Mail newspaper fined for defaming an Islamic Organization

London (SD) – The London-based Daily Mail newspaper, has been fined £15,000 and fined for accusing an Islamic organization of smuggling Somali migrants to European countries.

In December 10, 2020, the newspaper published an article linking the Al-Khair Foundation, headquartered in the UK, in assisting Somali migrants in reaching the UK.

This is the second time that Al-Khair has been awarded compensation in connection with some of the false reports in the UK media.

April of this year, the Times agreed to pay a £50,000, compensation, and to publish an apology, following a report that linked the Al-Khair Foundation to smuggling migrants.

The Times reports that the Al-Khair Foundation and its founder, Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmed, are involved in smuggling and helping Somali migrants in Turkey in reaching European countries.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Al-Khair Foundation welcomed the ruling, noting that the proceeds would be used to provide humanitarian assistance to vulnerable people in some parts of the world.

“We have since been informed and accept that the allegations were untrue, as The Times has done, and apologise to the Al-Khair Foundation and its founding trustee, Imam Qasim.”

The Al-Khair Foundation, founded in 2003, has spent £200 million on charitable services over the past 10 years.

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