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Danab and Gor Gor defectors welcomed at Galkayo Presidential Palace

Galkayo (SD) – Puntland state government today welcomed officers and soldiers who have reportedly left the federal government forces, especially the Gorgor and Danab commandos.

The military officials were welcomed at the Puntland State House in Galkayo by the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Security, the Commander of the Darawish Forces, the Governor of Mudug Region and other officials.

The officers who left the Somali commandos said that they initially left Puntland voluntarily and were trained in Turkey and were mistreated upon their return.

Adding they had decided to leave their barracks after being treated differently than they had hoped and decided to return to their home town.

Speaking at the welcoming ceremony, Puntland officials welcomed the officers and soldiers and said that the administration will deploy them to serve their people and their environment.

Somali military officials have not commented on the defections of the Turkey trained soldiers to Hargeisa and Galkayo in recent days.

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