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Former Somaliland Minister: without power balance there is no trust

Hargeisa (SD) – Politician Abdillahi Dirawal, who was part of the UDUB governments in Somaliland, spoke about the proportional representation of Somaliland communities.

Dirawal said that President Bihi has not balanced the power sharing of Somaliland communities so far “So far, the appointments made by the President have not been balanced. I am not saying that the which clans have gained more power but there is no such power-sharing arrangement, and without power balance there is no trust.” Said Dirawal.

Adding that President Bihi needs to take better care of the country’s forces “Soldiers must be taken care of, the president was a military man, there is nothing else it can do.”

The most talked about political issue in Somaliland is related to proportional representation and the lack of power sharing in the cabinet and government agencies.

Minister Dirawal’s statement comes in the wake of protests in Burao regarding a military official who was sentenced by a court in Hargeisa to a lengthy sentence.

The Somaliland government has not yet responded to Minister Dirawal’s comments and sentiments in the country.

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