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Danab commandos carry out targeted operation against Al-Shabaab

Janale (SD) – The Somali National Army (SNA), led by Danab Commandos, has carried out an operation on the outskirts of Janale, killing the head of Al-Shabaab’s explosives in the Lower Shabelle region and other fighters.

Somalia’s Armed Forces Radio reported that Danab officials confirmed that Ismail Jiis, Al-Shabaab’s chief of operations in the Lower Shabelle region, had been killed in the operation.

At least 10 other militants were killed in the operation, which took place in Bulo-Haji area near Janale.

The operation came after Danab learned of an undisclosed plot by al-Shabaab to attack Bulo-Haji village, according to officials.

Officials said the operation was aimed at taking out the al-Shabaab official and his bodyguards.

The Danab troops also conducted other operations in and around Bulo-Haji village, no arrests have been reported.

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