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Danab Deputy Commander killed in an Al Shabaab Attack

Mogadishu January 20, 2023 (SD) – Today, Al-Shabaab launched a surprise attack on the town of Galcad in the Galgaduud region. They used vehicles filled with explosives and engaged in direct combat against the government forces and local residents who had recently taken control of the town.

According to witnesses, two vehicles filled with explosives were used to attack military bases in Galcad, and a fierce battle is currently ongoing between the forces and Al-Shabaab.

It has been reported that the Deputy Commander of the Danab Commandos, Major Hassan Mohamed Osman (Tuure), who was leading the operation was among those killed in the attack and fighting.

The Federal Government of Somalia has stated that over 100 members of Al-Shabaab were killed in the attack, which targeted a military base of the Somali National Army in Galcad, which was recently retaken from Al-Shabaab control.

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