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Opposition Leaders Meet with a Lasanod Victim in Hargeisa Hospital

Leaders of Somaliland’s Waddani Opposition Party , Hersi Ali and Abdirahman Abdillahi “Ciro”, today visited a young woman who was injured during recent protests in Laascaanood, the capital of the Sool region.

The opposition leaders warned the government of the outgoing President Muse Bihi to refrain from using further violence and force against the people of Sool.

They also met with the parents of the injured woman, Roda Abdikarim Aadan Warsame at Manhal Hospital in Hargeisa, and expressed their concerns for the harm that she and others suffered during the peaceful demonstrations.

Presidential candidate Ciro urged the government to find a solution to the ongoing situation in Laascaanood, where government officials, led by the Minister of Interior, have been present in Lasanod for the past week, along with local leaders, to address the situation.

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