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Danab forces kill a senior foreign Al Shabab leader from Nepal

Mogadishu (SD) – The commander of the 16th brigade of the Somali National Army Brigadier General Ismail Abdimalik Malin, gave detailed Danab operations in Middle Juba regions, which killed members of Al-Shabab.

The Somali commander, who spoke to local Somali Armed Forces Radio, said the operations they carried out killed a senior Al-Shabab training officer from Nepal, Asia.

The Al Shabab officer from Nepal was identified as Ashraf Azmi Abu Hamdan, and was killed with three of his bodyguards, according to Danab.

The Commander didn’t give any further details of the senior Al Shabab foreign fighter.

The Somali Army commander said that the operations took place regions that are under the control of Sakow district in Middle Jubba region.

The Somali Military has taken control of Kismayo and Jamame districts in the Lower Juba region, all of whom previously controlled by Al-Shabab.

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