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Prof. Yasin calls on president Bihi to clarify Djibouti Communique

Hargeisa (SD) – Prof. Abdirahman Yasin a member of Somaliland’s consultative forum said there are considerable doubts surrounding the issues raised at the Djibouti Conference between Somaliland and Somalia.

The Professor called on President Muse Bihi Abdi to clarify to the Somaliland public, the official outcome of the recent talks between Somalia and Somaliland in Djibouti.

We are suggesting that, in order to understand the agreement points released two weeks after the conference, these agreed upon items were not well received by the Somaliland public and were widely discussed.

Prof. Abdirahman Yasin, who spoke to the media today in Hargeisa, also said that the public was skeptical of the additional release of issues agreed at the conference.

Somalilanders have been widely discussing points raised in a communique released by Djibouti government days after the conference ended, giving the opposition an opportunity to cast shadow on the president’s preserved success at the conference.

Contentious items in the communique included, social interaction between Somalia and Somaliland and co-managing Somaliland’s airspace, both very sensitive topics in Somaliland.

Adna Adan Ismail, Somaliland president’s envoy addressed the issues unsuccessfully, by saying only there is nothing to worry about, further escalating conspiracy discussions on the matter.

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