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Danab forces kill Sheikh Mohamed Gacamey and his bodyguards in an operation

Mogadishu (SD) – An operation in the Middle Shabelle region by the Somali National Army (Danab) has killed a senior al-Shabaab official and his bodyguards, according to a statement from the Somali Armed Forces Radio.

Sheikh Mohamed Suleiman (Gacamey), the head of al-Shabaab’s Middle Shabelle Regional Library, was killed in the operation.

Three fighters guarding the slain officer were also killed by Somali government forces, according to the Somali’s Armed Forces Radio report.

The planned operation carried out by Danab Somali commandos, took place in Gambole area of Middle Shabelle region.

Somali government forces have recently been claiming responsibility for the assassination of senior al-Shabaab members, but often times there are no independent sources or information than the names and ranks of the men they killed.

Al Shabab, as usual did not provide information regarding to the latest Somali military operation and the killing of their operative in Middle Shabelle.

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