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Defend Somali regional state from Tigray, Agjar tells forces

JIGJIGA (SD) – The leader of Somali regional state in Ethiopia, Mustafe Agjar has directed the state’s armed forces to defend their territories from Tigrean forces amid the Oromo and Tigrean forces reportedly advancing to Addis Ababa.

Soeaking to the media, Agjar termed the Tigrean forces enemy of the people, urging the public work hand in hand with security forces in the fighting to the regional state.

Speaking to the local media, Mustafe has called on the politicians in the state to set aside their differences to defend the state from Tigreans.

“There is no such thing as a ruling or an opposition. There is an enemy. Whoever sided with the TPLF is an enemy, and s/he is our enemy. The enemy of the TPLF is the government and the people who want peace,” Agjar said.

Agjar vowed that his state will side with federal government in the efforts to bush back the rebel forces.

The leader ruled out having any relationship and collaboration with the opposition alliance fighting the federal government.

“The ongoing fighting will be concluded. The TPLF has been a problem for the country and other nations for more than 27 years, and it will be defeated. The damage they have done to the Somali people is well known, so it will be defeated,” Mustafe said. cagjar.

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