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Deputy Chief of the Somaliland Military defects and joins SSC forces

Buuhoodle June 04, 2023 (SD) – Lieutenant General Suleiman Barre Gesood, the deputy commander of the Somaliland Army, who recently defected from Somaliland forces, said he joined the SSC regional forces in Buuhoodle.

General Suleiman Barre Gesood and his troops were warmly welcomed in the city of Buuhoodle by officials from the SSC forces in that city.

The Former Deputy Chief of the Somaliland Military announced that they will join forces, along with the regional forces, to counter the conflict initiated by Somaliland in Las Anod. He emphasized that President Muse Bihi’s administration poses a threat to the SSC community.

General Suleiman Barre Gesood was assigned to lead the war in Las Anod. However, he disagreed with the outgoing president’s approach of shelling the city.

The Somaliland Armed Forces, since the beginning of the conflict in Las Anod, have lost support from officials, officers, and various soldiers from the SSC regions who are now fighting against Somaliland.

General Saleebaan Barre Gesood has become the highest-ranking officer to resign from the Somaliland Army since the months-long Las Anod war.

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