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Deputy Foreign Minister: Somaliland-Egypt relations will not damage Somaliland’s ties with Ethiopia

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland wants political, economic and trade ties with Egypt, Somaliland’s Deputy Foreign Minister told Daily News Egypt.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Somaliland confirmed that a high-level delegation from the Government of Egypt, last week met with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Investment and Livestock and Fisheries of Somaliland.

Liban Yusuf Osman added that this is not the first delegation from Egypt, noting that Egypt’s Deputy Minister for Africa, Hamdi Loza, arrived in Somaliland in 2019, while Somaliland’s Deputy Foreign Minister also visited Egypt.

The Deputy Foreign Minister also said that the two countries discussed ways for Somaliland and Egypt to have social integration.

Liban Yusuf Osman highlighted that Somaliland-Egypt relations will not damage Somaliland’s relations with Ethiopia, and stated that the Republic of Somaliland’s position is that Ethiopia and Egypt should resolve the issue of the dam through dialogue and a peaceful environment.

He added that Somaliland could mediate the dispute, as it has good relations with Ethiopia and Egypt.

Minister Liban pointed out that Egypt has expertise in the field of minerals and can support Somaliland, and pointed out that Somaliland can also export livestock to Egypt.

He also said that Egypt could help with the recognition of Somaliland, as it is a member of the African Union and the Arab League.

Liban Yusuf Osman, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that the Republic of Somaliland is an independent country that has fulfilled all the criteria for recognition as an independent nation. Confirming that they will deal with any country that is advancing Somaliland’s interest.

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