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Head of the British Office in Hargeisa discusses media law with Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – The Minister of Information and Culture of the Republic of Somaliland and Government Spokesperson, Mr. Suleman Yusuf Kore today had an hour-long meeting with the Head of the British Office in Hargeisa., Stuart Brown.

The meeting ended in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and discussed several issues related to the relationship between the two Governments, in the field of media, in particular the Media Law.

“Somaliland is a democratic state, committed to preserving its reputation for freedom of expression. But anyone who violates the sovereignty, security and the constitution will not be allowed,” said the minister at the meeting.

Meanwhile, the Head of the British Office in Hargeisa, who spoke at the meeting said, “We have had a good discussion on how to improve the media in Somaliland, and to work together in ways to implement the Media Law”.

The Minister was accompanied by the Director of Planning of the Ministry, Abdikadir Dayib Askar.

The meeting comes at a time when the Somaliland government had shut down local media house for what seems to be a trivial reason.

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