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Deputy PM discusses security, stabilization, and development with EU Ambassadors

MOGADISHU(SD)-Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Salah Ahmed Jama, met with ambassadors from European Union countries to discuss security issues, the eradication of al-Shabaab, humanitarian concerns, stabilization, and development projects.

The Deputy Prime Minister highlighted that the government has achieved significant successes in internal security and the second phase of the operations against al-Shabaab, as well as in efforts to provide services to the Somali people who have liberated themselves from this group.

The ambassadors acknowledged the effective achievements of the government in the areas of internal security and social development, and they reportedly pledged their support to the Somali government in its operations to free the country from al-Shabaab.

The ambassadors who attended the meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister were EU Ambassador Karin Johansson, Italian Ambassador Alberto Vecchi, German Ambassador Sebastian Groth, and Swedish Ambassador Joachim Waern.

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