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Dhusamareb Police District Commander Resigns over the Release of Militants

Dhusamareb (SD) – The Dhusamareb district Police commander Captain Burhan Ahmed Roble, who spoke to the media last night, announced his resignation due to pressure and threats from senior officials.

General Burhan Ahmed Roble, who was appointed to office on 20 February 2020, said he resigned last night, after being pressured and undermined by unnamed senior officials.

The Commander said he was repeatedly pressured and threatened by superiors to release detained suspected Al Shabab and other militants in his custody.

He also detailed various incidents he faced during his tenure, where detained Al-Shabaab suspects were released from Dhusamareb central prison without his knowledge.

“Two people who arrived in Dhusamareb and where suspected Al Shabab militants have been released prior to their investigation being completed, I wasn’t made aware of their release, the man was later smuggled to Adado, the police chief said.

The commander addressed his resignation to Somali Police chief, requesting his replacement be announced immediately.

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