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Puntland Forces and Daish Clash in Bossaso

Bossaso (SD) – Puntland’s regional security forces reportedly clashed with Daish militias in the coastal town of Bossaso today.

According to reports from Bossaso’s local media, an armed Daesh gunmen attacked Puntland security forces post in the center of the city, it was reported that the confrontation resulted in death and injury.

A Puntland soldier and a member of the Daish militia attackers were killed and one injured Daish gunman was captured in the fighting, according to .PSF statement.

“During the operation, PSF forces killed a member of the Daesh Amniyat, injuring and capturing a senior officer in the Daish enemy, who is the head of assassinations and bombings in Bari region, PSF were tracking the individual.” said in a PSF statement.

Puntland security forces have seized a truck carrying explosives and weapons that were allegedly intended to carry out attacks inside the city.

Security forces in the coastal town has in recent days upped their patrolling of the region, giving the residents some confidence in their security.

On The hand, Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni, praised the soldiers who foiled the Daish terrorist attack in Bossaso.

President Deni said terrorists were done, but are trying to intimidate the public, as to create fear and that will not be possible.

Also, the President called on the public to take part in eradicating terrorist groups whose time has come to pass.

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