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Dispute between DP World and Somaliland businessmen emerges

BERBERA (SD) – A dispute erupted between the Berbera Port Importers and DP World, the company managing the port, after it increased tariffs on goods imported into the port.

Somaliland Ports Manager Said Hassan Abdillahi, in an interview with VOA Somali Service, said the dispute arose after the company increased port fees.

“There is a tariff increase by DP World, the 20-ft containers were increased by $60 and the 40-ft containers were increased by $100, leading to strong complaints from Somaliland traders,” Said Mr. Abdillahi.

He said the Somaliland government had intervened and the dispute had been resolved. “So the government intervened, and Insha’Allah it ended today.”

The manager said the Berbera port is still the cheapest in terms of tariffs, according to the Somaliland government’s agreement with DP World.

The port has reportedly not been operational for three days after traders protested the increase in tariffs, and traders have now resumed importing goods into the port.

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