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Djibouti accused FRUD of an attack that killed soldiers

Djibouti October 08,2022 (SD) – Djibouti today confirmed the death of seven of its soldiers in an attack by a group of rebels on a military camp early Friday, while its searching for six missing soldiers.

A statement from the Djibouti Ministry of Defense accused armed group FRUD the attack on the Garabtisan base in the north, with the ministry calling them a “terrorist group”.

“Although our soldiers bravely defended themselves in the attack, seven of our soldiers were killed, four were wounded, and six are missing,” the statement said.

In 1991, the FRUD, mainly of the Anfar tribe in Djibouti, went to war with the Djibouti government, later fracturing into two groups, with UMP reconciling with the government while FRUD continued the uprising.

Djibouti, located on the world’s busiest shipping lane where the Red Sea meets the Gulf of Aden, hosts the only US base in Africa and the largest French military base in the world. the Tiny country in the Horn of Africa also hosts Chinese base among others.

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