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Roadside bomb kills five Puntland soldiers

Bossaso October 09, 2022 (SD) – A number of PMPF Puntland soldiers were killed and several others injured after a military vehicle they were traveling on hit a roadside bomb in Sugrue area of the Galgala mountains in the Bari region.

About 5 PMPF soldiers were killed in an explosion while six others were injured.

The forces were said to be carrying out security operations at the time of the blast, and there is no news from the Puntland Defense Forces Command regarding the deadly explosion.

The soldiers who were injured in the attack were taken to a medical center in Bossaso, where they are being treated and are said to be recovering.

No one has yet claimed the attack, but for some time now, there has been on going clashes in the Galgala mountains between the Puntland forces and groups loyal to Al-Shabaab and ISIS.

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