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Djibouti: Jailed Pilot goes on Hunger strike

Djibouti (SD) – The Djiboutian government has released a video on National TV showing that pilot incarcerated Fuad Yusuf Ali is in good condition in Jail.

Zakariya Abdilahi, the lawyer who advocates for Fuad Yusuf Ali, told the BBC that his client, the pilot was forced to appear to the Djiboutian state media to say he was not harmed in prison.

Fuad Yusuf Ali, today, started fasting as confirmed by his wife Samira Jama, in Djibouti.

Fuad was said to be saddened by a video posted yesterday by the Djiboutian state media, who at first introduced themselves as Human Rights Commission as Samira, reported.

The Pilots arrest and treatment sparked huge demonstration calling for the release of the pilot and that President Ismail Omar Guelleh resign.

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