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Djibouti: we weren’t asked to mediate Las Anod situation

Djibouti Feb 13, 2023 (SD) – The government of Djibouti dismissed claims that they are involved in the clashes and conflicts happening in the city of Las Anod in Sool region.

Djibouti’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mahmoud Ali Yusuf, in a statement posted on his Twitter account, said that the allegations about their involvement are false and baseless.

“In recent days , there is a shameful propaganda on social media against Djibouti accusing my country of taking part in what is going on in Laas Anood. This is merely fabricated lies to disrupt Djibouti’s relation with its neighbours .” the minister posted.

Mahmoud Ali Yusuf also mentioned Somaliland did not ask Djibouti to mediate “None of the stakeholders in Somaliland requested Djibouti’s mediation in the unfolding situation in Laas Anood. Until then , Djibouti will continue to stick to its well known good neighbourhood policy and neutrality.”

The statement of Djibouti’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mahmoud Ali Yusuf, is expected to be a response to the recent statements made by some of Djibouti’s opponents, who accused Djibouti of supporting Somaliland’s government with military equipment and advisers

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