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Droughts in Somali Region Leads to Children Dying

JIGJIGA (SD) -Severe droughts are being reported in many parts of the Somali Regional State in Ethiopia, affecting civilians and livestock.

According to reports, in parts of the Erar region of the Somali regional state, the droughts have resulted in the deaths of young children, who died of starvation, according to the father of some of the deceased children.

He also said that they had first moved from Oromia to the Somali regional district, but their demands for aid in these droughts has not yet been addressed by the Somalia government.

Meanwhile, in Qubbi district of Erar region, five children died of hunger, according to a local elder in the area.

Droughts in the Somali region has affected much of the region, followed by water shortages and starvation, which has majorly affected people and animals in the region.

The Somalia government is responding to the drought situation in the area, as well as contributing various donations from local businesses as well as parts of Ethiopia, but the drought appears to be breaking the deadlock.

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