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Egypt and Eritrea support Somalia’s Independence

CAIRO (SD) -The President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, met with his Eritrean counterpart, Isaias Afwerki, the two leaders discussed the sovereignty of Somalia and regional stability.

During their official meeting, the leaders emphasized the importance of respecting the sovereignty of Somalia and stressed that it is crucial for the peace of the Horn of Africa.

The meeting highlighted Egypt and Eritrea’s commitment to enhancing bilateral relations in various sectors, including economy, trade, and security.

However, Somalia’s sovereignty was a significant aspect of their discussion, with both Presidents El-Sisi and Afwerki agreeing on the importance of supporting Somalia to prevent anything that might destabilize the region.

Egypt and Eritrea expressed their willingness to contribute positively to the peace and stability of the Horn of Africa region.

Tensions in the Horn of Africa heightened after Somaliland agreed in January to lease a 20-kilometer stretch of its coastline to Addis Ababa for 50 years, aiming to establish a military base and commercial port.

The Somali government strongly opposed this agreement, considering it a violation of Somalia’s sovereignty.

The Somali government has taken firm measures against this agreement, stating that it undermines Somalia’s territorial integrity.

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