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Somalia warns against Somaliland disrupting established flight paths

-The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation of the Federal Government of Somalia has strongly addressed the dangers faced by aircraft flying over Somalia’s airspace, particularly in the Northern regions of Somaliland.

The Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Fardowsa Osman Ciigaal, said that aircraft utilizing the Somali airspace of the northern regions of Somaliland are being misdirected from established flight paths. She highlighted that this poses significant risks that cannot be overlooked.

Furthermore, the Ministry clarified that it is not legal for Hargeisa Tower to talk to planes that have not landed or taken off from its airport.

This statement follows recent reports from the Civil Aviation Authority accusing Somaliland of exacerbating the risks of air traffic incidents by disrupting aircraft utilizing Somali airspace. The remarks also coincide with a recent statement by the President of Somaliland, suggesting that Hargeisa will continue to disrupt flights over Somali airspace.

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