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Elders want Somaliland troops out of Sool

Lasanod January 08, 2023 (SD) – A meeting held by the elders and leaders of two Sool clans today in Laascaanood issued a statement calling for non-local Somaliland troops to withdraw from Laascaanood and the Sool region.

The elders of the two clans of Laascaanood called for a consultative meeting to be held soon to discuss the future of the Sool region and urged the maintenance of peace and security in the meantime.

The traditional leaders also stated that Somaliland will be held responsible for the people killed in Laascaanood previously and during the protests.

The elder’s statement comes as militia opposed to the presence of Somaliland in Lasanod reportedly attacked Somaliland forces bases on the outskirts of Lasanod last night.

Eyewitnesses say the casualties were limited to the warring parties, but could not be independently confirmed. Somaliland forces reportedly killed more than 20 people in Lasanod, injuring about 60 other anti-government protesters.

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