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Al-Shabaab: we did not request talks with Feds

Mogadishu January 08, 2023 (SD) -Al-Shabaab has announced today that it did not request or enter into peace talks with the Somali government.

Al-Shabaab denied a statement made yesterday by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Somalia, Cabdifitaax Qaasim, who said that Al-Shabaab had requested talks.

“I can assure you that there are no negotiations or potential negotiations between us and the group of international infidels, an Al-Shabaab spokesperson was quoted as saying by pro-group media.

This statement comes after the National Security Adviser to the President of Somalia, Hussein Moalim Mohamud, said today that the government’s position on the war against Al-Shabaab has not changed.

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