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Elders who met Al-Shabab Arrested in Beledweyne

Beledweyne(SD)-Following the meeting in Beledweyne involving security officials and the judiciary branch, it was agreed to arrest all the traditional elders who met with Al-Shabaab, some of whom were arrested yesterday.

‘It is not possible that the traditional elders who selected the lawmakers, which was the basis of our government to go to al-Shabaab, we have secret recording and the video, we made some arrest and others are been sought.” Abdulkadir Mohamed an army official told reporters in Beledweyne.

Al-Shabaab recently called all the traditional elders who selected the members of the parliament , no one knows what the two sides talked about.

Most of these elders were taken into custody by the Somali Government after returning to the areas they had left behind.

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