President Mustafa Agjar plans to emulate Somaliland’s achievements

Jigjiga(SD)-President of the Somali regional state Mustafe Muhumed Omar (Mustafe Cagjar), outlined three points he plans to emulate from the Republic of Somaliland.

“We are very happy to have the Somaliland brothers here for us, to strengthen this kind of relationship, this region has been through a lot of problems but we are now in a recovery phase, we continue to integrate the community in all areas, and we want to take Somaliland as an example of democracy and security being integrated into  ne, most of the thinking is oppressive as Somalis value tribalism, if they are not oppressed and not arrested the people cannot be ruled, However, in Somaliland, we will look to your democracy, freedom of speech, peace and security, all three of which are good lessons that we can learn from you and we thank you.” said President Agjar

Somali State of Ethiopia is the only African and Somali leader that showed value to Somaliland’s success story and promised to emulate.

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