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Election Agreements sparks Regional Representation Debate in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – Tensions over the recent electoral agreement between the three National parties are being felt in some regions of Somaliland, according to local reports.

The agreement, which is to officially replace the one reached by the three national parties in February of this year, stipulates that elections will be held based on the 2005 electoral laws.

Some Somalilanders opposed the agreement, saying it did not take into account the grievances of some Somaliland communities, who felt they were not getting the representation they were entitled to in parliament.

Tensions are being felt in certain regions of the country, which Muse Bihi’s government is trying to resolve, as some regions are threatening to boycott the upcoming election.

Somaliland’s 2020 local and parliamentary elections appears to have taken on a new dimension, the conflict, now appears to be between Somaliland communities on one side and the government with the opposition parties on the other.

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