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Elections for Six Seats in the Lower House Held in Jowhar today

MOGADISHU-(SD) The HirShabelle regional government, has today launched the election for the Lower House of the Parliament, with the first seats being elected from Jowhar town.

Yusuf Ibrahim Afrah (Yusuf Kabale) won the Hop-033 seat with 69 votes, while his opponent Mohamed Hussein Sabriye received 22 votes.

Mohamed Omar Aymoy won the Hop-005 seat with 73 votes, as his competitor Mohamed Omar Ali, who was not present at the polling station, received 13 votes.

Farhiyo Mohamud Dhaqane has won the Hop-052 seat after the other candidate has forfeited.

Dahabo Suusow Mohamud also won the Hop088 seat also held in Jowhar today.

Dahabo MP was voted for by a show of hands of the voters in the room. No one has competed with the winner.

MP Khadijo Mohamed Diriye, who has been a member of the Somali Parliament for 21 years, was one of the members elected today in Jowhar.

Khadijo, a re-elected member of the parliament who has held her seat since the year 2000, when the Somali Parliament was re-established.

Similarly, MP Mohamud Mohamed Seesey won the Hop-098 seat in Jowhar today.

Parliament member Seesey was a former member of the Somali Parliament, and a close political ally of Khadijo Mohamed Diriye, who is believed to have played a key role in his return in this election season.

Seesey was elected when his opponent conceded.

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