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International Partners seeks clarifications on Somaliland’s Upcoming Elections

The international community supporting Somaliland’s elections and democracy, has issued a press statement calling on Somaliland’s political leaders to pave a peaceful way for the upcoming elections in Somaliland.

“Following the successful Somaliland combined local and parliamentary elections last year, international partners supporting Somaliland’s democratisation process visited Hargeisa from 24 to 27 January to discuss the next steps and timelines for Somaliland’s elections and democratisation with stakeholders.” the statement said.

The international community also encouraged the political parties to initiate and prepare for the voter registration under the auspices of the Somaliland Electoral Commission, to be completed before the next scheduled elections. They have also emphasized on the importance of inclusion of the youth, women, and minority groups in the elections process.

The International Partner’s added “We encourage Somaliland’s political leaders to clarify the way forward for the upcoming elections, due this year, through an inclusive dialogue process, by agreeing on a joint electoral roadmap in line with Somaliland’s laws and constitution and ensuring that the electoral processes reflect Somaliland’s internal diversity in terms of inclusion of women, youth and minorities.”

“It is important that the preparations, led by the National Electoral Commission, on voter registration start now so that they can be completed prior to upcoming election dates” from the press release.

The statement was on behalf of European Union, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom.

The international community has pledged to continue their support for Somaliland.

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