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Elections for Three Northern Seats in the Parliament Held in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (SD) –Elections for three seats in the Parliament for the Northern Regions of Somaliland, have been held in Mogadishu, a day after a dispute between politicians in the northern regions concluded.

Member of the Parliament, Said Mohamed Mohamud Mohamed, won the lower house seat in the 244th seat, after his rival Kaltuun Hayir Jama reconciled.

Seat 37 in the lower house of the northern regions, was won by Ms. Ifrah Mohamed Awad, after her competitor Asha Abdilahi Warsame Diriye resigned from her competition.

The 3rd seat was won by MP Ismail Abdirahman Sheikh Bashir, when Abdullahi Abdiqani Ibrahim withdrew from seat 238, which they were both competing for.

Today’s election for the northern regions was a compromise for seats, and no real contest was held.

Parliamentary elections in the northern regions are the most challenged by compromises by the candidates, and there is no conflicting rivalry between the opposition and conservative political parties.

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